Monday, September 9, 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hi girls! So for those of you who haven't seen one of these posts yet, the Liebster Award is a way for blogs that are just starting out to get discovered and get to know eachother. I was nominated by the super sweet Marina - you can find her blog here.

The rules:
1. The tagged/nominated blogs must have under 200 followers.
2. Tag the blog that nominated you.
3. Let the people you tagged know so that they can respond.

Click the read more to see my answers to all the questions!

I've seen a few different versions of this award, and the one that I was tagged in didn't include the 10 random facts about you section but I feel like that's the funnest part so I'm going to add it in anyways. You should too!

10 Facts About Me:
1. My favorite colors are deep shades of reds!
2. I have been dating the most wonderful, handsome and caring guy for almost 3 years now and I couldn't be happier. His name is Alex :)
3. I am a marketing major, and in my second year of college.
4. My favorite makeup products to buy are eyeshadows and blushes.
5. Although I'm a girly girl, I'm also a bit of a geeky one. I've been playing the computer game League of Legends for a year and a half, make fun of me all you want!
6. I have an addiction to Funyuns, they're my guilty pleasure.
7. My favorite tv shows at the moment are Shark Tank and Teen Wolf, and in the past I've loved One Tree Hill and Heroes.
8. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and am desperately wanting an iPhone! I feel so left out :(
9. I'm 100% Polish. I can speak and read pretty well, but my writing is terrible.
10. I check the Sephora website more times a day than I'd like to admit. I'm addicted and its a problem.

Questions I was asked: 
1. If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?
I'd probably want invisibility. Is shape-shifting a superpower, cause that would be pretty sweet too.
2. Would you use it for good, or for evil?
3. If you could come home and have one product sitting on your bed, what would it be?
I just can't pick one thing! My brain is firing out a billion different things right now. An iPhone, or the Naked 2 palette, or some plane tickets have been on my mind a lot recently.
4. What is your favourite brand?
Of makeup? Out of the ones that I have tried, I'd say Urban Decay and Tarte are among my favorites. I'm a huge fan of YSL, but I've never tried them. One day!
5. Have you finished schooling yet?
I'm in my second year of college right now.
6. What is your birthday?
December 23rd, the day before Christmas Eve.
7. Who are your fashion icons?
I love Lauren Conrad to pieces, and I really like Jenn Im from Youtube.
8. Do you have a bloglovin'?
Yes I do. Follow me here.
9. McDonald's or Burger King?
Burger King for their wraps, McDonald's for their fries!
10. Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Its always been my dream to have a black cat though!

My questions for the people that I tag are:
1. When did you first get into fashion/beauty?
2. Whats your favorite beverage?
3. What is your favorite song at the moment?
4. What is your favorite makeup item to shop for?
5. Heels or flats?
6. Lipstick or lipgloss?
7. Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
8. If your life were made into a movie, who would you want to play you?
9. What is your favorite month of the year?
10. Do you like scary movies?

10 people I tag:

It was extremely difficult to find girls under 200 who haven't been nominated yet because this award has been around for a while. If you've already been nominated, I'm sorry! Either way you should all check out the blogs above.

Thanks for the nomination again Marina!
~ Maya ♥


  1. Love your answers! I too love Lauren Conrad. I love, love, love dogs, but I secretly want a white Persian kitty, they are husband is allergic to cats, so I probably will never get one :(

    Lily |

    1. :) Yeah, I'm a dog person but there are just some cats that are way too cute to handle.

  2. Congrats!

  3. Thank you soooo much for nominating me. Since I already have done it and as you say it's really difficult finding bloggers that haven't been tagged already I'll just answer your questions and I hope that's OK:

    1. I started really early, buying my first Vogue magazine at 14
    2. Champagne and have it as often as I can
    3. Summertime sadness - Lana Del Rey
    4. Nail polish - and I think my collection shows that :O)...
    5. Heels - although I so wish they would make them a little bit more comfy
    6. I'm going to compromise and say Lip Crayons - LOVE Bourjois
    7. I don't actually have one, blaming it on being head over heals in Him Indoors
    8. The timeless, talented Cate Blanchett
    9. August - still nice and warm and sunny, but getting more autumn like
    10. I love a great thriller, but I don't do horror or gore.

    Thank you again for the nomination :O). Xx

    1. Love your answers. Lip crayons are a great choice!

  4. Very good answers ;) Congratulations!

    I follow you beautiful blog. I hope you will follow me back and I will wait for you in my blog

  5. So lovely of you to nominate me. I've already been nominated a few times so I've already made a post. I'll answer your questions here though :)

    1. Probably around 18 or 19, which is really late haha.
    2. Mineral water. Boring, I know, but I'm obsessed with keeping clear skin.
    3. Taylor Swift - The Lucky One.
    4. Anything for my lips!
    5. Flats
    6. Lipgloss but it has to be tinted.
    7. I don't have one haha. I had loads when I was younger though.
    8. Angeline Jolie or Katie Leung.
    9. December! Everyone is so happy around Christmas time!
    10. Absolutely not. I can't watch anything scary!

  6. Nice blog you have...wanna follow each other?
    please follow with GFC, just leave me a comment and I'll follow u back!
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  7. wow cant believe your birthday is the day before christmas eve!! love your blog, followed on gfc & bloglvin, would love it if you could check out mine! xxx

  8. Thank you so much for nominating me :D i have posted this tag already but ive answered your questions hun :)

    1.From a young age I loved playing around with my mums makeup. I went to college & studied for my level2 & 3 in beauty back in 08.
    2. Ice tea yuummmm.
    3. I don't think I have one specific song that I reeeeally like at the moment, but I listen to a lot of house & dubstep.
    4. Lipsticks or eyeshadows.
    5. Heels.
    6. Lipstick.
    7. Changing Tatum.
    8. I am really bad with knowing actress or actors names :/ but an actress who has a dry sense if humour like me.
    9. I do love my birthday month June, but I am a Christmas obsessive so I have to go with a crimbo day :D I'm such a big kid when it comes to Christmas.
    10. NO no no no no!

    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

  9. Id love to try some products by tarte (especially the blushes!) but alas we don't have them in the UK. I'd take dogs over cats any day too x