Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tag: How Much Is Your Face Worth

Happy Thursday lovlies! Today I have a fun tag for you all. The How Much Is Your Face Worth tag is a fun way for us to share what beauty products we use on a day to day basis, while also calculating the cost of our daily products. Not going to lie, its a little scary to see just how much money our makeup sucks up. I'll list everything in the order I use them, put the price, and also where I use the product just so that I can clear up any confusion as to why I use multiples of certain products (such as concealers or primers). Lets jump right into it!

 * Pictured above is a sample size of the Porefessional because I left the full sized at my boyfriends. I calculated the full size price in the total.

+ Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional | $28.00 | on my t-zone
+ Make Up For Ever HD Microperfectiong Primer To Go | $16.00 | all over my face
+ Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free | $43.00 | all over my face
+ Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste Mini | $10.00 | under-eyes
+ Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer | $20.00 | on dry red areas
+ Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer | $25.00 | blemishes
+ Rimmel Stay Matte | $4.99 at Ulta | setting powder
+ Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer | $28.00 | contour and all over bronze
+ MAC Melba Blush | $21.00 | apple of my cheeks
+ MAC Espresso Eye Shadow | $15.00 | eye brows
+ Anastasia Brow Gel Mini | $10.00 | eye brows
+ Urban Decay Primer Potion Mini | $12.00 | priming eye lids
+ Urban Decay Naked Palette | $52.00 | lid, crease, highlight
+ Buxom Lash | $19.00 | volumizing
+ Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara Mini | $10.00 | lengthening and bottom lashes
*** Grand Total: $313.99 ***

I can't lie, I'm not overly surprised that my total is a little higher than some other blogger's totals - just because I use multiple types of the same product on different areas of my face. The scary thing is that I do have some mini's thrown into the mix, so imagine how much the price would shoot up if I had the full size!

I tag everyone who wants to do this, and be sure to link yours down below so that I can see!


  1. Lol!!! Great post and thanks so much for relieving me! Haha! These are all amazing products that you use love!!! Wait... did the prices of the Naked Palette really go up from 50 to 52??? When was this??? (0_0) hehe

  2. I use the Stay Matte powder on a daily basis and Erase Paste/Porefessional occasionally, great products! The Naked palette is on my wishlist :)

  3. I can't wait to do this tag! Hopefully mine won't be that awful *fingers crossed*

  4. Oh my girl, your face is a pricey little thing! LOL!! The things we do to look pretty! I just posted mine up awhile ago....not as much as yours for sure!

    <3 Lily |

  5. I'm a little afraid to do this!

  6. Love this post! I use Naked palette too and a MAC blusher. I'm going to do this tag! xx

    Quite Frankly She Said - UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. Oh, I didn't knew about this tag! I might steel it :P
    About the products, we have some products in common (like the Naked palette, mini they're real, rimmel powder and boi-ing concealer). I would love to try Laura Mercier's foundation/tinted moisturiser. I've heard really amazing things about it. And I'm really curious about that primer from Make Up For Ever :3

    Please take care, have a nice day!!*

  8. Wow I think you have the most expensive face I have sen yet! way to go baby girl :)

  9. That's certainly an expensive face you got there haha. I can totally understand though, especially when you're using high end up make up brands, it adds up really quickly! I'm going to try this post too, I actually have no idea what mine's going to come out to, I just hope it isn't too crazy!
    The Impossibly Cute

  10. That's a cool tag! I'm afraid to do it myself, as I might faint when I see the total haha x

  11. I loved reading this tag! Haha it can be quite shocking when you total everything up and find out how much you've spent just to create that look. I blame it on the brands; always marking up high prices for their products.

    Louise | Vanity Corner

  12. Oooh I see you're a fan of Benefit Cosmetics products! I love them. Great post xx

  13. What a fun tag! i'm sure mine wont cost as much, I seldom use high end products :) I'm a new follower!

  14. I have yet to do this tag. Seems like so much and curious to see how much my face is worth lol

  15. I've also done this tag on my blog! Love all of the products you have used, I am desperate to get my hands on the Kat Von D concealer but unfortunately I live in the UK xox

  16. Wow! So expensive! What a fun tag - I really enjoy reading your blog!

  17. Mine would be a shame compared to yours (if ever I do one) I don't do a full one make-up everyday it would prolly cost less than $20 haahaha! Love the leopard pouch btw :)