Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sample of the Week: Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse

I wanted to start a series where every week I pick out one of the many samples I have acquired through subscription services or through ordering online, try it out for a few days, and then post a review for everyone. It'll be a good way for me to actually get through my piles of samples, and for you to discover some new products. This week I tried out the Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse (Full size: $23.00 at Ulta) 

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During the school year especially, I like to put mousse in my hair while its wet, scrunch it a little bit, let it air dry that way, do my makeup, and be out the door. I have been using Aussie Sprunch Hair Mousse + Leave In Conditioner for as long as I can remember, and I have very rarely experimented with mousses because of my love for that product. I got this in my Birchbox a few boxes ago and I was happy that I now had the opportunity to try a higher end mousse. Unfortunately, I was nothing but disappointed and unimpressed. 

I tried using this product two ways (the same ways I use my Aussie mousse).
1. I applied it to my damp hair, and scrunched upwards until I felt like my hair was tame and wavy. Then I let it air dry.
2. I applied it to my second day dry hair to add volume and texture.

Pros: It is in fact high hold. I personally prefer more natural, lighter mousses because of the way that I use them. But if someone were looking for a high hold mousse, this would deliver. A little bit goes a long way. If you apply too much, it weighs your hair down and clumps your hair together as opposed to making it bouncy and full.

Cons: The odor of this product was so unpleasant and strong. After using a little bit, my boyfriend smelled my hair and said "Ew, what did you spray in your hair?", which is definitely not something you want people to say about your luscious locks. It was also very sticky feeling. As I scrunched it into my hair, my hands felt like I sprayed them with hairspray. I think that it is very strong hold, but disagree on the flexible part. Once I applied my desired amount, touch ups were impossible. Adding more after its dried only made it hard to style.

Overall, I would never purchase a full size of this product. I think that people who use mousses for before blow drying, or curling might view this product differently than me - but as far as using it as a wave booster after the shower, or as a pick me up, its a no go.

Looking at different websites, it seems to have mixed review.
Have you ever tried this mousse? Did you like it?


  1. I have straith hair, so I don't usually wear products like this, but it's always bad when a product is kinda...smelly.

    Please take care, have a nice day!*

  2. I don't really use hair mousses so am pretty clueless about them, I'll probably steer clear of this one though haha.

  3. Wow iam always looking for products that lifty.limp hair I was so excited lol. But thanks to you now I know to stay away from this product. I love hair products that don't leave me looking like I have product in my hair or feel like I do. Great post! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. I have been wanting to try this product out. It's too bad it didn't work out for you.

  5. I really love trying out samples first before buying the full size. I've never heard of this product before. By the way, followed you via bloglovin! ^^

  6. Oh wow it sounds like such a fab product.. like the concept! Shame it wasn't great though xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. Uh, I'd never put something on my hair that smells bad.. I'm sorry this product didn't work for you!


  8. Oops!!! Did you mentioned odor..that's a real turn off...hmmm....By the way, nice review and very good information. And yes, your idea is a good thing.
    Following you now via GFC, hope you will follow us back.

  9. Great post sounds like a good product its just a shame about the smell :/ It is nice that you're honest about it though :)
    Meg xx (new follower)

  10. This looks like a great product ! Great review and beautiful blog dear
    xoxo Shreya

    1. It really bothers me when people don't read the posts but leave comments with blog links. If you had read anything at all you would have seen it was actually a terrible product /:

  11. Interessing review dear !

    It will mean a lot if you have time to check my blog and maybe follow my blog if you like it ?

    Hope to see you soon on it , have a great week-end !

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  12. great review! i like how you've been so honest :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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