Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dazzled

I know, I'm so late to the party on this one. These beauties have been raved about for what seems like forever, but I have finally just recently gotten my hands on one. 

The Tarte Amazonian 12-hour Blush is infused with natural clay that is harvested from the Amazon River and then naturally baked in the sun. Its not only filled with nutrients and healthy ingredients, but its also made without all of the bad stuff (parabens, sulfates, GMOs, synthetic fragrances, etc). The formula benefits all skin types, which in my opinion is just amazing - a one size fits all blush. The Amazonian clay balances the skin. Its helps those with oily skin by minimizing oil in and around the pores, helping the product stay in place. For those of us with dry skin, this blush uses hydrating properties to naturally restore the skins moisture. Lastly, combination skin types get the best of both worlds. This product zeros in on everyone's skin concerns and delivers all of its amazing benefits. Now that you've heard the spiel, lets hear my review.

The shade Dazzled ($26.00) * is described as a soft rose by Sephora, but I see it as a pinkier plum. My boyfriend called it raspberry colored, which I totally agree with. Whatever you want to call the color, its just perfect for fall and winter. It has some small shimmer, but its hardly noticeable when applied. Its so natural looking! It goes on the cheeks like a dream - the pigmentation is great, and it blends well. As far as the 12-hour staying power goes, I don't know. I haven't had the need to use it for a full twelve, but it has lasted me at least 8 hours which is good enough for me. It is without a doubt longer lasting than my MAC blushes. I love their packaging, shade range, longevity, and ingredients. I'll be adding quite a few of these to my birthday/holiday wishlist!

Do you own a Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush? What shades do you recommend?

Monday, October 28, 2013

New Nighttime Skincare Routine

If you saw my last post, then you know that I've recently acquired tons of new products to build my new skincare routines - one for the morning, and one for the evening. Today I wanted to share with you what I will be testing out before bed. I'll try to do a couple of updates, which will act as mini reviews. 

Before I tell you about what I'll be using, I just wanted to say that this is my first time ever creating a strict routine. I have combination skin, but definitely am more on the dry side. I get oily on my t-zone sometimes, but my skin is still flakey in those areas. I use makeup primers to control my oil, but I never include anything drying as far as skincare goes. In the evening I have decided to use an eye cream, a serum, and then a heavy moisturizer. 

My skincare routine will go a little bit like this: 
+ Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream * | $34.00
+ Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C x 30 Brightening Serum * | $85.00

And then I will choose one of these two moisturizers, depending on how my skin is feeling:
+ Boscia Super Charge Overnight Moisture * | Full size $36.00
+ BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Cream for Dry Skin * | Full size $28.00

I've been using these products for four days now, and so far so good. In no more than a week I will write a review on these four products, and give you a skin update - so keep an eye out! My AM routine is still being made too, so that'll be up asap. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Haul Part I: Skincare

Guys, I think that I have finally  been bitten by the skincare bug. After ignoring my skin for the last nineteen years, I have made it my mission to stop being the girl who answers "make-up wipes and any old moisturizer I can find laying around" when asked what her skincare routine consists of. So in this post, I'm going to show you some new products that I have recently gotten - short and simple. Enjoy!

Clinique Even Better Skin Correcting Moisturizer Deluxe Sample * | Full size $47.00
BareMinerals Purely Nourishing Cream for Dry Skin Deluxe Sample * | Full size $28.00
Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser Deluxe Sample * | Full size $30.00
Dior Hydra Life Skin Perfect Pore Refining Perfecting Moisturizer Deluxe Sample * | Full size $67.00
Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream * | $34.00
DDF Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer Moisturizing Serum Deluxe Sample * | Full size $72.25
+ Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C x 30 Vitamin C Brightening Serum * | $85.00
+ Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel * | $35.00
+ Boscia Luminizing Black Mask * | $34.00
+ Boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxident Moisture SPF 30 0.5 oz * | 1 oz Full Size $36.00
+ Boscia Super-Charge Overnight Moisture 0.5 oz * | 1 oz Full Size $36.00
+ Boscia Super Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm * | $26.00
+ Boots Expert Anti-Redness Serum | $7.99

A lot of good stuff, right? I'm most excited about the Peter Thomas Roth and Boscia items. I can't wait to form a new skincare routine and share it with you all - also keep an eye out for some reviews! The Fall Haul Part II: Makeup will be up in a few days. Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Inside Birchbox: POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer Review

Hi everyone, I'm so sorry for being MIA the last few days. I started my new job, went to some college open houses, and tried to spend as much time with my friends and family while I could. Today I'm going to review another product that I received in my October Birchbox - the POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer in Flowering Fuchsia

When I first glanced at this product, my first thought was "oh no, this is not something I would have picked for myself" - I'm not really a lip gloss person, and if anything I like subtle nude glosses. The color in the tube is a bright hot neon pink, but its a little bit more sheer when on the lips. The consistency is super thick and tacky, but because of this it has longer staying power and also adds a wet/juicy effect to the lips. The applicator is a flat paddle, which I strongly dislike. Distributing the product evenly and easily, in my opinion, is a nightmare. Definitely not a quick, hassle-free "no mirror" gloss. Overall, I'm not as disappointed as I thought I would be. My lips look fuller, and juicier when wearing this gloss, and the sheer hot pink is quite flattering. The thickness is a little uncomfortable... and my boyfriend wants nowhere near me when I have this stuff on. Maybe with a better applicator I would consider trying different shades but for now I'm going to pass on repurchasing. You can purchase this POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer for $14.00 on Birchbox.

Are you a lipgloss lady, or a lipstick lover like me?

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: NARS Dolce Vita Powder Blush

Ah, I have another beautiful NARS Powder Blush to review for you all today and its in the shade Dolce Vita. This is one of the two NARS blushes I own, the other one being Amour which a reviewed a while back. Lets get right into it.

As with all NARS products, Dolce Vita came in their signature black rubberized packaging which is super sleek and luxurious. The only downside is that it becomes really dirty, really quickly - but its nothing a simple swipe of a napkin can't fix. The shade itself is a matte dusty rose which is just b-e-a-utiful for fall. As with all their matte shades, Dolce Vita isn't dull or flat. The pigmentation is amazing, and the texture is incredibly soft. It truly works like a dream, and its so easy to blend. I typically get six to eight hours of wear time when using this blush before I feel the need to touch up. NARS really has proven themselves in my eyes, and I recommend that you at least go and swatch Dolce Vita and Amour next time you're at a retailer. They retail for $29.00 at Sephora.

Are you a fan of NARS? Whats your favorite blush brand?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inside Birchbox: ChapStick Hydration Lock Review

In case you missed my October Birchbox unboxing, I received this ChapStick in the Hydration Lock formula. I was pretty happy about it, as I can never have too many lip moisturizers - I always seem to lose them before I can finish them up. I was especially happy because of the Vanilla Creme scent. 

Let me start off by saying the ingredients are bad. I don't have the time to sit here, Google, and explain each and every harmful ingredient that is in this product but I would like to bring up two of them. This chapstick contains petrolatum which is featured on the "Dirty Dozen" list - a list of twelve ingredients that you should try to avoid. It can be contaminated with PAHs, which is linked to cancer (when the skin is exposed over long periods of time). The product also contains dimethicone, which is another Dirty Dozen ingredient. Dimethicone has the potential to coat whatever it is applied to (trapping bacteria underneath), disrupt the skin from performing its normal functions such as sweating and temperature regulation, and it can cause some serious skin irritation - which is terrible for those of us who have sensitive skin.

After using the ChapStick Hydration Lock for the sake of this review, it provided me with no substantial benefits. The vanilla scent was hardly noticeable, especially after a couple of uses. It was not much different, if not worse, than my usual chapsticks. It did apply smoothly, and because of the harmful ingredients it stayed put for hours. I would rather reapply a healthier organic balm every so often than put myself at risk for a few more hours of wear. I have seen better results, and longer lasting ones, with my other balms. Once it dissolved and faded away, I was left with no long term results.

Overall I would recommend skipping out on this product. Also, if you have any recommendations for healthier or organic lip balm alternatives please leave them in the comments below. Take care of your skin, people!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Review: Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

A few of you might remember a haul I posted two weeks ago featuring the Benefit Cosmetics B.Right! Radiant Skincare Intro Kit ($12), and a review of the Total Moisture Facial Cream ($40) that it came with. Today I'm going to review another sample that came in the kit - the Triple Performing Facial Emulsion ($30). Hope you enjoy!

The Benefit Cosmetics Triple Performing Facial Emulsion ($30) is described as a sheer oil free facial lotion that contains SPF 15. It is made to hydrate, protect and comfort the skin. I love the lightweight formula, which is totally the opposite of their Total Moisture Facial Cream that I previously reviewed. Despite it being light and more liquid based, it still provides so much moisture and hydration. I love to use this in the morning, but I've also used it at nighttime on days where I wanted a lighter feel to my skin. It absorbs into the skin quickly, and doesn't make me look shiny. It has a fragrance to it (a hint of floral which I'm honestly never a fan of), but it doesn't linger once applied. The packaging, as expected from Benefit, is adorable. The sample does not come with a pump, which leads my to pour a little bit too much out of the bottle from time to time (the full size does include a pump). I think that this would be the perfect moisturizer for all skin types as its light and oil free (for oily and sensitive skin types),  but also very hydrating (for dry skin types). It is on the pricey side, but I've found that it is worth every penny. I have truly seen results while incorporating this into my skincare routine. I will be purchasing a full size of this product, and I highly recommend it the next time you're at a Benefit retailer. 

What are your favorite lightweight daytime moisturizers? 
* PS I'm not totally satisfied with the photos, but I really wanted to get a post up today. Sorry!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sample Review: Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover

I recently ran out of my Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes (it took me a few days to get my lazy self to the store to repurchase), and discovered this Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. I received it in an old Birchbox, and never gave it a shot. I wanted to share my opinions with you lovelies today.

This hypoallergenic eye makeup remover is made for sensitive eyes. Its made with cornflower water, which provides soothing, softening and anti-inflammatory benefits. It is paraben, sulfate, and silicone free.

I can't be the only one who has used an eye makeup remover that was just too oily, and needed a wash of another cleanser just to take the oils off - what a hassle. This Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover is nowhere near as oily as those other products I have tried, but it still does the job just as well. Most importantly, it doesn't burn or cause any irritation. I use this stuff on cotton pads, but have recently been adding a tiny bit to my makeup remover wipes. It doesn't require as much tugging on the eyes to get mascara off when I add this to my routine. My only negative is the smell of it, but its nothing overpowering. My mom described it as a "clean scent, maybe a little bit like medication" which I can see a little bit. It has made taking my makeup off so much easier, and I see myself repurchasing it once I run out. The Klorane Soothing Eye Makeup Remover costs $9.00 for 3.38 fl.oz on I definitely recommend giving this a chance if you are on the hunt for a gentle way to get your eyes squeaky clean.

What do you use to remove your makeup at the end of the day?

Friday, October 11, 2013

October 2013 Birchbox Unboxing

Ah, one of my favorite things in the world is coming home to goodies from Birchbox. I was especially excited for this October box because I had my fingers crossed for some fall products. Continue reading if you're interested to see what I received this month!

+ Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser | Full size: $21.50
+ Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth | Pack of 2: $6.00
+ ChapStick Hydration Lock | Full size: $2.99
+ Alison Raffaele Reality Base Foundation | Full size: $38.00
+ POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer | Full size: $14.00

I'm most excited about the Liz Earle products. I've been eyeing hot cloth cleansers for quite some time now, and just look at the way they packaged it - super cute! I'm least excited about the POP Beauty Aqua Lacquer because its not the type of gloss I would normally gravitate to. Overall I'm not disappointed, but I'm not as thrilled as I was hoping to be. I will be posting full reviews for some of these in the near future. Keep an eye out!

What monthly subscription services are you a member of? What did you receive in your October Birchbox?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Disappointing Products

I've been itching to make one of these posts for a while now, but have never found enough products that I would consider "disappointing" (which is actually a good thing). Well, just recently I've accumulated a few products that didn't meet my expectations. Keep in mind, these are products that I personally didn't like because they didn't work for me. I am fully aware that these may be your favorite products, but these are only my opinions. With that being said lets get right into it.

I know that I took you all on a bit of a roller coaster with all my mini reviews of the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. But now I am going to specify that I strongly dislike this moisturizer. It made my skin break out tremendously. I swear, it took three weeks for my skin to go back to the way it was. It made no noticeable improvements in the dryness of my skin - which is something you'd expect from a package that reads "intense therapy". I will not be repurchasing.

Next I have the BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. I am a huge fan of products that shrink the appearance of pores, so I was really hoping for a miracle worker with this one. Unfortunately, I just hated the formula. It dries really quickly into a matte finish, but let me just say... way too matte. It begins to tug on your skin as you're rubbing it in. Its very gunky, as opposed to a nice silicone based primer like the Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional. This primer made my dry skin look ever drier than it is, and accentuated my pores.

I received this Blinc Mascara in a Birchbox a long while ago and only recently decided to give it a try. Its supposed to put tubes around your lashes, rather than coating them like paint. I absolutely hated it. It gave no drama to my lashes, which is definitely what I go for. I found that it grouped my lashes together, and I could actually kind of see the "tubes". It looked horrible on my eyes. It was definitely different, and I know a lot of people love it because its easy to remove but I was not a fan.

The NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in Park Avenue is a color I am drawn to in the fall. Applying the polish was easy, and the color payoff wasn't horrible. My issue was that it chipped the same day. You need a top coat that performs miracles to get any use out of this, and I don't have one.

These Yes To Blueberries Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Towelettes were possibly my biggest disappointment. They smell great, and I love the packaging - but thats where the positives end. I don't know what exactly it is about the towelettes (I believe maybe they aren't wet enough), but they made me feel like I was barely cleaning my skin and removing any makeup/dirt/etc. Compared to my holy grail Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, they fell short. They didn't make my skin feel quite as nice and clean. I will most definitely not be purchasing these.

If you've gotten through this whole post than I applaud you! What are your recent disappointments?

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Review: NARS Powder Blush in Amour

NARS has always been one of my favorite high end brands. They're known for their sleek packaging and high quality products, their most well known being their powder blushes. I have two in my collection and I am head over heels. Today I am going to review the NARS Powder Blush in Amour.

NARS describes Amour as a warm peachy pink, and I totally agree. The dominant shade is a deep pink, with hints of peachy coral. Its a matte blush, but its not flat or dull. The texture provides a slight silky sheen which adds glow to the complexion without using glitter or shimmer. The pigmentation is incredible, which is no surprise when it comes to NARS blushes. The powder itself is so smooth and soft. I've found that NARS blushes have better staying power than most other blushes that I own. Amour typically lasts me six to eight hours before I feel the need to reapply. I highly recommend this blush to anyone looking to dabble in the world of NARS. It can be purchased for $29.00 at Sephora.

Do you own any NARS blushes, or other products by them? I'd love to grow my collection.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Review: Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream

Ever since high school I've been on the hunt for the perfect moisturizer, and I can never seem to find it. I think I've finally come pretty close with this Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream.

I picked this sample size up in the Benefit Cosmetics B.Right! Radiant Skincare Intro Kit that I featured in my last haul (here), and I've been using it every night since. I've previously used up a full size, maybe half a year ago, so I knew what I was getting myself into. Its definitely a thicker moisturizer, but its not a greasy mess. With that being said, I don't wear it during the day under my foundation, but I do put some on the second I'm getting ready for bed. It hasn't caused any breakouts, in fact its really just made my skin feel smoother and look less patchy. It absorbs quickly, and a little goes a long way. Its improved my very dry skin in just a couple of days. Its great!

I do have a few problems with it. It has a bit of fragrance to it, slightly floral with a hint of cucumber. I personally don't like when skincare products have floral scents - it makes me think that they've mixed perfume into the formula. I would much rather a more natural true scent - but at least it doesn't smell bad right? I also really hate the price. For a full size you'll need to shell out $40, and I just don't know if its worth that much. Its a great product and has left my skin hydrated, but I just know that I can try a lot of other higher end products with that money, or ones that make more claims such as moisture + anti-aging/blemish control. The packaging comes in a jar, which I both like and dislike. It is a little unsanitary having to dip your fingers in with every use. I have come up with a solution however, which would be to purchase little mini spoons such as the ones they offer at ice cream shops to test flavors out. I like the heaviness and sturdiness of the jar, and it feels quite luxurious. My favorite thing about jars is that you can scoop out all of the product, which is great because I would never want to waste such a pricey item. 

Overall, I really do like the Benefit Cosmetics Total Moisture Facial Cream. I wouldn't say its perfect, but it has significantly reduced all the dryness on my face and that is all I can ask for. If the price were lower, I would definitely make this a staple in my routine until another product came along, however I just can't justify $40 on it. If you have the money, I definitely do recommend it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tag: How Much Is Your Face Worth

Happy Thursday lovlies! Today I have a fun tag for you all. The How Much Is Your Face Worth tag is a fun way for us to share what beauty products we use on a day to day basis, while also calculating the cost of our daily products. Not going to lie, its a little scary to see just how much money our makeup sucks up. I'll list everything in the order I use them, put the price, and also where I use the product just so that I can clear up any confusion as to why I use multiples of certain products (such as concealers or primers). Lets jump right into it!

 * Pictured above is a sample size of the Porefessional because I left the full sized at my boyfriends. I calculated the full size price in the total.

+ Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional | $28.00 | on my t-zone
+ Make Up For Ever HD Microperfectiong Primer To Go | $16.00 | all over my face
+ Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free | $43.00 | all over my face
+ Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste Mini | $10.00 | under-eyes
+ Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Concealer | $20.00 | on dry red areas
+ Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer | $25.00 | blemishes
+ Rimmel Stay Matte | $4.99 at Ulta | setting powder
+ Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer | $28.00 | contour and all over bronze
+ MAC Melba Blush | $21.00 | apple of my cheeks
+ MAC Espresso Eye Shadow | $15.00 | eye brows
+ Anastasia Brow Gel Mini | $10.00 | eye brows
+ Urban Decay Primer Potion Mini | $12.00 | priming eye lids
+ Urban Decay Naked Palette | $52.00 | lid, crease, highlight
+ Buxom Lash | $19.00 | volumizing
+ Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara Mini | $10.00 | lengthening and bottom lashes
*** Grand Total: $313.99 ***

I can't lie, I'm not overly surprised that my total is a little higher than some other blogger's totals - just because I use multiple types of the same product on different areas of my face. The scary thing is that I do have some mini's thrown into the mix, so imagine how much the price would shoot up if I had the full size!

I tag everyone who wants to do this, and be sure to link yours down below so that I can see!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Small Skincare Haul: Benefit and Boots!

I have a teeny tiny haul for you all today. After realizing that my last moisturizer was breaking me out and doing me more harm than good, I decided to look around for some new skincare items. Here they are:

Luckily I had a few Birchbox points to spend, so I redeemed them for this Benefit Cosmetics B.Right! Radiant Skincare Intro Kit ($12). I've tried out the Total Moisture Facial Cream before, and I loved it. Unfortunately the price was a little steep for me to repurchase, but I'm happy that I have this mini for now. The kit also comes with a Refined Finish Facial Polish (scrub) and a Triple Performing Facial Emulsion (daily lotion). Can't wait to give these a go because I'm a huge Benefit fan. 

I also picked up a Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturiser ($5.19) at my local Target about four days ago. I have never tried anything from their line, but I'm hoping this won't be my last purchase from them!

I will definitely be posting reviews as soon as I have formed my opinions, so make sure you keep an eye out for that! Have you tried out any of these products?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Natural Face Makeup for Tired Skin

My skin has been a total nightmare ever since classes have started back up. Late nights spent stressing have brought back my dreaded dark under-eye circles and dull looking skin. Instead of piling on more makeup than usual, I've decided to let my skin breath and adjust by adding in these two light and natural products. I'm talking about Dr. Jart+'s Premium Beauty Balm ($39), and Benefit Cosmetic's Erase Paste ($26).

I received this Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm in a Birchbox two months ago and I was ecstatic. I remember receiving their Black Label Detox Beauty Balm a long while ago and I loved that stuff. This version was no different. I fell in love. Unlike foundations, beauty balms have 5-in-1 formulas. They're made to treat, hydrate, prime, protect, and camouflage. The Premium Beauty Balm is lightweight, light coverage, and comes in a universal shade. Its infused with white gold to help with anti-aging and natural collagen. Plus its SPF 45! I apply the beauty balm after I prime my face and it significantly reduces the discoloration and redness on my face. It feels natural and moisturizing, and I haven't had any problems with it making me look super oily (but keep in mind, it is like a tinted moisturizer, so its definitely not matte). Unlike most beauty balms that I have tried, the Premium Beauty Balm has brightening properties in it that make my skin look beautifully radiant.

On days where I'm feeling really tired, I reach for Benefit Cosmetic's Erase Paste, instead of using my Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer. The name is very suiting because it is very thick and paste like, but not in a bad way. A little bit goes a long way! The formula is incredibly moisturizing. Its on the full coverage end of the spectrum, but because of their insanely amazing texture, you're left without the downsides of full coverage such as cakiness and creasing. I can't get enough of this stuff.

These products combines leave me with a dewy and radiant look. I use a setting powder, mascara, and brow powder afterwards and I'm out the door. I've never had such moisturizing and natural looking results before trying out these two products. I highly recommend checking them out at your Sephora store next time you stop in.

What are your holy grail beauty products when battling tired and dry skin?

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Monthly Favorites: September 2013

My first monthly favorites - ah, a post I have been long awaiting. I've always loved these posts/videos most, so I'm ecstatic that I finally get to share my own picks. I don't have too many this month, but lets get right into it.

1. MAC's Blush in Melba ($21.00) - I can't even put into words how much I adore this blush. It has been my most reached for blush this summer, and now that its coming to an end, I figured I'd get as much use out of it as possible this month. It is a b-e-a-utiful matte coral-peach.

2. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin ($18.00) - I have worn this shadow nearly everyday that I have gone to classes this month, whether alone on my lid or just in my inner corner. It is a beautiful champagne color that compliments my eyes tremendously. As always, UD's pigmentation and longevity is incredible.

3. Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Love it! ($22.00) - I really, really do love it. I don't own any other lipsticks that have such amazing formulation and texture. It glides on so easily, and gives my lips a perfect natural dusty pink color. It is super moisturizing, and I prefer it over 99% of my MAC lipsticks. I have been wearing it every single day this month.

4. Benefit Cosmetics Erase Paste in Medium ($26.00) (Mine isn't full size) - I just couldn't be happier with it. It completely transforms my under eye area by hydrating and camouflaging any imperfections. It is so unbelievably creamy that I honestly couldn't believe that it never once creased on me. I wouldn't recommend it on any face blemishes, but as an under eye concealer, this is by far my favorite out of the bunch.

5. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Nourishing Styling Treatment ($21.95) - I had a bit of a hair fiasco this month where I wanted to dye my hair darker but ended up doing a really spotty job (and on top of that, I just really hated the color). So all in all it took three different dye processes to fix my hair to the way I wanted it. My hair was so dry and damaged after the whole thing. A nickel sized amount of this on my ends after every shower has drastically improved my hair. Its softer, shinier, and less frizzy. This is a holy grail product for me.

6. Scent Portfolio Soy Candle in Sweet Spun Sugar - Unfortunately, I can't find the price anywhere online but I picked this up in my local Target. It is a delicious cotton candy scented candle that I have been burning nonstop. I love sweet scents!

Have you ever tried any of the products above? What are your monthly favorites?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sample of the Week: Suki Face Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser

I'm here today with my second SOTW post. This week I tried out the Suki Face Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser that I received in a Birchbox quite some time ago. Because my face is so unfortunately ridiculously dry, I've become obsessed with exfoliating. I try to make any attempts I can to get rid of the roughness and patchiness on my face. Needless to say, this sample was perfect for me.

The Suki Face Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is a vegan lemongrass extract/natural sugar scrub that is made to brighten, tone, smooth wrinkles, eliminate blemishes, and improve collagen production. It has a delicious citrus scent to it that is especially fantastic to wake up to during a morning shower. The exfoliating sugars are just the right size, and the formula is amazing. Once the sugars dissolve, you're left with an amazing foaming cleanser. 

This product has left my skin feeling smooth and soft, and it looks better too. I can't make any claims about the reduction of wrinkles or blemishes because I don't have any to start, but it really helped diminish the redness and rough appearance of my extremely sensitive skin. The only complaint I have is that the full sized product costs $32.95, which is about twenty two dollars more than what I'd normally spend on a scrub. But because its on Birchbox, I'm heavily debating on cashing in my points to redeem this. I don't know how I'll live without it!

Do you have any sensitive skin approved facial exfoliating scrub recommendations? 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Review: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream

You might recognize this First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream from a skincare haul I posted not too long ago. Now that I've had a reasonable amount of time to test the product, I figured I'd do a quick review for you all. I bought this moisturizer from Sephora mainly to see if it would help with my dry face, but I have also been using it on my elbows and knees when I have been feeling a little rough.

It says on the bottle "Hydrate dry, parched skin. Relieve minor irritation and itching due to eczema and other conditions. For the face and elsewhere", and it contains no parabens, harsh chemicals or colorants. All of these claims were super appealing to me, and I had really high hopes. Unfortunately, I just wasn't impressed. When applied to my face, the moisturizer left a greasy residue. I could only use this as a night time moisturizer. If applied in the morning under my makeup, my face would get oily in under an hour. As far as moisturizing? It did a little. I never felt like it actually absorbed into my skin. No miracles, no drastic improvements. It worked best on my body, and did little for my face. I will use up the product until the bottle is empty, but I won't be repurchasing for now. At $12, it doesn't really cost more than the average drugstore moisturizer.However, I have found that those $8-$10 drugstore moisturizers have given me a lot better results. My hunt for the perfect moisturizer continues.

Have you ever tried this moisturizer? Whats your favorite moisturizer?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Scrub

I've never been one to care about exfoliating my body. I just never felt like it was necessary to spend the extra time. One day I took a look at my legs and noticed that they looked really dry and cracked. They looked powdery, that's how dead my skin cells where. I moisturize them a few times a week, but its nothing religious. I looked around my bathroom, found this Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Scrub in Oatmeal and Honey, a product that my mom bought, and gave it a try.  

First off, it smells absolutely delicious. It smells exactly like honey, with the sweet touches of oatmeal. Oh and the packaging is super adorable with all the bees and honey scattered around the bottle. Secondly, the product works wonders. I've been using it three times a week, and whenever I shave my legs. I pour a little bit onto my loofah, and then exfoliate my whole body. It lathers up really well, but the exfoliants don't lose their power until you start to rinse. This is one of the best scrubs I have used in a while. My skin feels so smooth and soft after using this product.

You can purchase one of their 3 scents off their website for $7.99 (free shipping on orders +$20), but my mom picked this one up at Home Goods for $5.49.

Have you ever tried this scrub? What are you favorite scrubs?